Budget fails the "Next Generation" test

A Chancellor that was truly working for the next generation would be investing today to halt the rapid decline in our social fabric, a decline that is mostly hidden from sight, caused by violence, domestic abuse, and exploitation of mainly women, children and the most vulnerable. In doing so, he would share our national prosperity with everyone into the future.  

If elected I will have to deal with this legacy of under-investment in real social security, but it will be my duty to do so with regard to all of our people.

“In his “next generation” budget, there is welcome news for rail infrastructure in the south-west, and funding for affordable homes and a new enterprise zone for Cornwall.

But on policing George Osbourne stated simply that funding will unchanged from his Autumn statement as he brushed over the need to do so much better.  

He ignores the harsh realities that crime is increasing, becoming more harmful to our society and more complex to deal with, even across this Peninsula. He ignores the fact that our police are not structured or equipped to fight today’s crimes, the most damaging of which affect mostly women, children and the most vulnerable. And yet he ignores the fact that his supposed “protection” for policing can only hinder the transformation that is required now, in local policing, in prevention, and in support for victims.

He does this while giving tax breaks to the most wealthy in society and big corporations.


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Gareth Derrick

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