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Gareth Derrick declares his Police and Crime Commissioner Campaign Pledges

G_Derrick_Doing_Business_26.09.2014_LR_(3).jpgToday I am declaring my intent to set a new direction for Policing in Devon and Cornwall. Elect me as your Police and Crime Commissioner on 5th May and I will ensure:

Proper funding for Policing in Devon and Cornwall

Effective Local Policing

Connecting the Police with your Community

What will this mean for you?

Proper funding for Policing in Devon and Cornwall. This means that my first priority will be to fight hard with the Chancellor and the Home Office to get fair and sustainable funding for policing. The current settlement is a shambles, and leaves our regions seriously underfunded and at high risk. We face further cuts to police and PCSO numbers, station closures and potentially more privatisation of policing and justice. I will get the best funding settlement possible and produce a Police and Crime plan to meet your needs.

Effective Local Policing.  It is vital that we keep a visible policing presence on our streets, and this will always be a priority of mine. I will work to build a guaranteed commitment to which I can hold the Chief Constable to account. This also means that every aspect of policing will be delivered to meet the unique needs of our many communities be they rural or urban, or in tourism or business centres. One size simply does not fit all.     

Connecting the Police with your Community.  The past three years have seen nothing done to increase democracy in policing or accountability to the public. The heart of my approach is to prepare a Police and Crime Plan that addresses what the public really need. This will be based on input from all the community groups involved, and I will encourage a more vibrant, positive and challenging attitude in the Police and Crime Panel meetings, led by elected representatives from the whole region. I will expect them to help propose and endorse policing priorities, not just questioning mine. And I will engage strongly with the devolution process to determine the next stage in ensuring policing is directly linked to the people served.    




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Gareth Derrick

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