Meet me on my "Judge for Yourself" tour

Gareth Derrick, Labour’s candidate for Devon, Cornwall Police and Crime Commissioner, will be talking direct to people in communities all over the region over the next 6 weeks in what he calls his “Judge for Yourself” tour.


It is clear to me that there are many people who still know very little about the role of the PCC, and how important it is for protecting our communities against harm from crime of all kinds.

I think the greatest failure of the PCC over the past three and a half years has been his lack of real success in engaging with the public; failing to connect policing with all of the many communities across our region.

As far as democracy in policing is concerned, these years have been wasted. Most people I speak to on doorsteps and in the streets want more effective local policing but do not realise that they have a hugely important role themselves, including on May 5th when the new Commissioner will be elected.

My aim is to visit the towns, villages and cities of our region, to talk to people about what concerns them and to learn from them. I want people to judge me as a candidate, and on what I could bring to the role.  I also want the opportunity to hear from people about what they feel are the important issues to them. Ultimately, this is the basis for effective local policing.

Full details of where I will be visiting are provided on the Events page.  

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Gareth Derrick

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