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Tory's first Police Commissioner resigns from Party in disgust

Tony Hogg has my admiration for his honesty yesterday in resigning from the Conservative Party "in disgust" at the way the government has failed to even adequately promote the upcoming PCC election, and after his evident distaste at Theresa May's comments that only a Tory PCC can keep us safe.

This shameful approach by the Tory government undermines the whole idea of bringing democracy into policing.  In not standing for re-election, Mr Hogg has made it clear that he can't work with a government that is continuing to cut police funding, undermining their ability to fight the violent and other crimes that are rising sharply.

His resignation yesterday gives us much greater insight. How can anyone in Devon and Cornwall trust this government on its policing record and the underhand tactics that Tony Hogg has exposed?



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commented 2016-04-26 00:28:31 +0100
Respect his integrity

Gareth Derrick

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