Decide Today - Vote for Social Justice on May 5th


The resignation of Iain Duncan Smith on Friday was a critical and damaging moment for the Conservative Party, and exposed the utter hypocrisy of their “One Nation” claims, from the inside.

He has failed over six years, particularly on reforming in-work welfare to find any way to a more just society through the Tory party. He has exposed the arbitrary caps on welfare payments and deficit reduction targets for what they are. Most importantly, he has exposed the Tory government’s shameful disregard for social justice and indeed for simple truth.  Now is the time to reject this callous and damaging way of governing our society.

I hear many strong calls for those in office to work for all people; for fairness, justice and truth to be at the heart of making our society better for everyone - not just the privileged few.  This applies to policing as much as anything else. Social justice must be recognised as a crucial path to community safety. 

As a future Police and Crime Commissioner, I am ready to make social justice the heart of my strategy. I will put ethical, open and honest behaviour at the forefront of all decision-making, and will work with our communities to serve everyone fairly.

I urge the people of Devon and Cornwall to cast your votes for Social Justice on May 5th.




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Gareth Derrick

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